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rich and elisa brown  |  president and alliance missionaries  |  blog  |

Born and raised as missionary kids Rich and Elisa Brown found each other in high school at the Alliance Academy in Ecuador. Then they went to Toccoa Falls College and started dating. Rich studied and graduated with a degree in Missiology and Elisa with Interpersonal Communications. The two were married on June 23, 1990. One year later, the couple moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, to serve as youth pastor and wife at North Ridge Church. In the four years spent there, Rich completed the ordination process and graduated with a masters degree in Bible and Theology from Wheaton Graduate School. They soon found themselves in Costa Rica and then moved to Peru in 1995. After 10 years of ministry in Peru, Rich and Elisa witnessed the growth of the Alliance youth from 30 in one church to over 1000 in three churches. God continued to use their gifts and talents in different parts of Peru until 2005. In 2005, they began their ministry in Ecuador, beginning a network of youth leaders in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. The plan: To connect youth groups in North America with youth groups in South America through Short Term Missions. They are called to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love. Elisa is part of a Christian Rock band called Corban, which opens all kinds of doors for youth ministry in Latin America. Rich and Elisa have four children: Olivia, Michaela, Josiah and Alexa. All of their children are intimately connected to the Brown’s ministry, especially with short term teams as translators, Corban and helping in the orphanages and garbage dump ministries.


joseph fisher  |  chief financial officer  |  blog

MerryChristmasJoseph first became a part of Inca Link during spring break of his freshman year in college when he came to Ecuador with a team from Alliance Bible Fellowship from Boone, North Carolina, in 2006.  Joseph returned to Ecuador that summer and again the summer after, where he also worked with Inca Link in Peru.  Joseph has served two summers as an intern with Inca Link in South America.  He continued to be involved with Inca Link by helping to coordinate the sponsors for the Children Sponsorship Program which funds the Child Day Care in Trujillo, Peru.  In September of 2010, Joseph joined the Inca Link staff.  In 2016 he transitioned to a new role serving in a more limited capacity as a volunteer Chief Financial Officer.


nicole higgins  |  associate director  |  blog  |

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.34.33 AMNicole and her husband, Robert, moved back to Boone, North Carolina in 2014 after 18 months in Haiti working for Samaritan’s Purse. Robert built roads in rural communities and Nicole worked in the administration offices. Nicole says, “We are thankful for the time we spent in Haiti and the work God allowed us to be a part of.”
Robert is from Boone and Nicole attended Appalachian State University in 2001 were she met her husband. They both have a heart for missions and seeing God’s truth brought to the nations. Nicole started with Inca Link in Summer 2015 and is excited to be a part of the Inca Link team.


lindsey fisher  |  team and intern coordinator  |  blog    |

LindseyFisherLindsey grew up next to the beach in Destin, Florida.  She went to college at the University of North Carolina where she met and fell in love with her husband, John Fisher.  During college, John spent two summers in Peru and Ecuador as an intern with Inca Link, so Lindsey was always familiar with the ministry. It wasn’t until years later, after Lindsey finished doing college ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/ USA, that the opportunity to work for Inca Link as Intern and Team Coordinator presented itself through her brother-in-law, Joseph.  She considers it a privilege to be able to combine her love for college students, her heart for missions and her administrative skills to serve Inca Link in this role.



olivia jones  |  social media promoter  |

Olivia is the daughter of Rich and Elisa Brown. She has been involved with Inca Link since it started and officially joined the team in September 2016. She and her husband, Mark, moved to Maryland after Mark graduated from Liberty University in May 2016. Olivia received a degree in both journalism and Spanish from Liberty and graduated in May 2015. She is excited to be able to use both her degrees in this position and is happy to be working with an organization she is so passionate about.




mark and cheryl shafer  |  missionaries  |  blog  |

Mark and Cheryl Shafer are serving and have served in Ecuador since 2002. They made the decision to become missionaries after seeing the suffering and needs that exist on a Short Term missions experience in Latin America in the 90’s. Mark and Cheryl left their business back home, to follow the new passion and be obedient to God. They have worked with the Indigenous group called the Quichuas and others ever since they came to Ecuador. They have also worked in Nicaragua helping leaders and sharing compassion with those in need. They have helped plant churches in both countries. They have helped pastor and guide Short Term teams and interns since 2002.  They have a passion for indigenous communities and sharing the gospel of Christ with those living without hope.


jim zoschg  |  missionary  |  blog  |

Jim is from rural Cameron County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Grove City College in 2003, Jim worked for several years in the environmental science field.  Starting in 2006, Jim began serving as a volunteer missionary during the winter months while being seasonally unemployed, two years through International Ministries in Nicaragua and 3 years with Inca Link and its partners in Ecuador.

In 2012 Jim took the step to work full time as a missionary with Inca Link inEcuador. Jim loves Latin America and its people. His passion is working in rural and indigenous communities, sharing the gospel of Christ with those living without hope.


ignacio and meylin mireles  |  missionaries  |  blog  |

Mireles (1 of 1)

Ignacio Mireles was born in Mexico and lived in Idaho and in Colorado most of his life.  He attended Boise State University in Boise Idaho for his undergraduate studies.  He worked for Target Corporation as an Executive for seven years before receiving his call to missions. Meylin Diaz was born in Nicaragua and attended World Harvest Ministries Bible Institute in Somoto Nicaragua. After graduation she worked with youth gangs in Somoto Nicaragua for about seven months and then God opened the doors for her to move to Ecuador as a full-time missionary in April 2008.

Ignacio and Meylin met in Ecuador while Meylin was serving as a full-time with Mark & Cheryl Shafer and Ignacio was leading short-term teams to Ecuador with CPE Inc.  They fell in love and got married in June 2010. After their honeymoon they moved to Ecuador to serve full-time together.  While in Ecuador they worked primary with rural indigenous communities in the jungle of Ecuador sharing the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel.  In May 2012 Ignacio and Meylin were called and reassigned to Peru where Ignacio served as President and as Executive Director of Inca Link Peru and also as Director of Pasitos de Fe Children’ Home in Trujillo Peru. They also continued leading short-term teams with CPE Inc. On July 25th 2015 while in the U.S. on furlough God gave them their beautiful daughter Michaiah.

As part of their next assignment the Mireles family has been called back to Ecuador to serve at Ninawachi Mission Institute in Huaticocha which is one of the communities where Ignacio and Meylin spent a major part of their time during their first assignment in Ecuador. Ignacio will service as Administrator/Professor and Meylin will serve as Dean of Women.


brent and stephany frederick  |  missionary  |  blog  |

Brent met Stephany on the World Race in 2011, which is the same year that Stephany started working at Elim, the garbage dump ministry in El Milagro, with Inca Link. Brent returned as a missionary with Inca Link and they got married in 2014. They continue to serve the community in different aspects, desiring to train leaders that guide the rest of the community to Christ.



will and amanda eason  |  missionaries  |  blog  |

Will and Amanda met in 2003 through involvement in a college ministry at Armstrong Atlantic State University, from which they both graduated. During their time at AASU, they were involved in several short term mission trips, both in the U.S. and in eastern Europe. God especially used these opportunities to reinforce their desire for and His call to foreign missions in their lives. Will and Amanda were married in February of 2008 and served in youth ministry at South Newington Baptist Church (near Savannah, Georgia) for over seven years.  During this time, they led several short term mission trips to Honduras, where Will acquired the name “Máximo.” Will was ordained to the ministry in 2010. Will and Amanda have two children – Emery and Selah.

Will and Amanda became connected to Inca Link through a friend who knew their love for the people and culture of Latin America.  God called them to Manta, Ecuador (sight unseen) in the fall of 2013.  They spent 2014 assisting Inca Link in the management of a children’s home called Montanita Verde outside of Manta, Ecuador.  God used this time to teach them the Spanish language, Ecuadorian culture, and the great spiritual need that exists here in Manta, Ecuador.  God has increased His passion in Will and Amanda for young people and, more specifically, the crucial role that the family plays to the spiritual well-being of children and youth.  Out of this passion, God has birthed an after school-care ministry called “Bonsai,” which Will and Amanda direct.


nate & kelley taube  |  missionaries  |  blog  |

Taube Family-4553Kelley is the counselor. Nate is the coach. January 2011 we packed up our Chicago bags and our 8-month-old baby and bought two one-way tickets to Quito, Ecuador. The baby came with but all he needed was a luggage tag. We traded our Chicago skyline for a view of the Andes mountains in order to do coaching through our sports club, Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta and counseling at an International school and beyond. Since then, we thought we’d ensure our biculturalism by adding another baby to the family: this one with an Ecuadorian passport! We moved here because we believe God will use us to help kids know His love. But that’s only a small part of the story …

Nate moved to Argentina along with his family when he was three years old. There he developed a life-long love of soccer and acquired the unmistakable sound of an Argentine accent. Kelley’s parents hauled her down to the jungles of Ecuador to live when she was just three weeks old. Not that she had much choice at that point, but she loved life in the jungle, running barefoot and always sporting a pile of twigs in her curls.

Kelley and Nate met at the ripe age of thirteen at the same international, Christian school Kelley has returned to. Somehow through the awkwardness of adolescence Nate developed his second life-long love: Kelley. Fast-forward through two high school and college graduations, one marriage, seven years of life in Chicago, and two babies and they are back right where they started at thirteen … hopefully with a little more to give and a lot more years to come.


pablo & kusi saccsara  |  missionaries  |  blog  |

Pablo Saccsara was born in Ayacucho, Peru, to Quechua speaking parents. While still a young boy, he and his family had to leave his hometown because of terrorist threats. Kusi Sauñe was born and raised in Peru, half Quechua Indian and half North American. Pablo and Kusi both grew up together in Chosica, Peru, where both sets of parents worked with the Indigenous people of Peru.

Pablo graduated from Columbia International University in 2009 with degrees in Bible and communications. Kusi also graduated from Columbia International University with degrees in Bible and TEFL. They fell in love and were married in 2006; and upon finishing their studies, moved back to Peru in 2009 to work with the Runa Simi Quechua mission. In Peru, Pablo and Kusi have been working as Inca Link missionaries serving alongside the Runa Simi Mission in partnership with the One Hope children’s ministry. Pablo and Kusi have 2 boys: Gabriel, 6, and Andres, 3.

They have been traveling and working with pastors and leaders from the Andes and Amazon areas of Peru. They also coordinate the translation of One Hope materials for children and youth, working with translators from different language groups. They distribute these evangelistic materials for children and youth, sharing the love of Jesus and the good news of the Gospel. Pablo and Kusi also work in the communications department of Runa Simi. Pablo helps produce Bible-based media materials in Spanish and Quechua and helps with technical issues at the Runa Simi Center. They are also supporting other Runa Simi ministries such as family and marriage. More recently, they are also serving in their local Quechua church. Pablo is leading a discipleship ministry and Kusi is working with the young mothers.


chelsey brunt  |  missionary  |  blog  |

chelseybruntChelsey was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She went to college at Trinity Christian College in Chicago, IL where she played four years of collegiate women’s soccer and graduated in 2010 with a degree in political science. As a sophomore in college she got the opportunity to study abroad in Quito, Ecuador through the missions organization, Youth World. “I quickly fell in love with the culture, the people, and what God was doing in and through Ecuador” says Chelsey.

After college she moved back home to San Diego and began working at an elementary school with kids with special needs. In 2011, she traded her soccer cleats for a whistle and started coaching girls’ high school and club soccer through YALLA San Diego, a soccer and education program for refugee and immigrant youth at risk.

Chelsey says, “The experience opened my eyes to the power of soccer as a platform to build relationships and empower athletes to discover who they are. I feel so blessed because God has given me the opportunity to teach both the game that I love and about God’s love for all of us. My love for coaching and serving kids inspired me to return to school. I am hoping to finish my master’s program in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia, University, Irvine, CA in the fall of 2015.  I am looking forward to returning to Ecuador. Through Inca Link and the ministry of Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta, I am excited to use soccer as an avenue to share the gospel of Christ’s love with my team, community, Ecuador, and the world.”