My 24th Birthday 2

I remember knowing in my heart before this year ever began, that this year was going to be a difficult year. I knew it would be hard to part with my first year students. I knew I would miss out on dear friends who left. I knew there would be a lot of changes, and I just am not a big fan of change despite my career choice.

Some sweet friends that have become like family!

Some sweet friends that have become like family!

Was I right?


Heck yes but it’s been an awesome year. Yes it’s been hard. All those things that I knew would be hard, were hard…. But God is so much greater than our hard times. I recently was talking with a friend and she encouraged me to remember that God always has our good in mind, not the easy, but the good. Oh my how my God has been so good to me and has brought me to such a beautiful place.


Today I turned 24 which is the first birthday I have ever really thought, “No! I think that sounds old!” Yet today has been one of the best birthdays I have ever had! I was reminded today of how much this has become my home and my community. I got some special gifts here and there but the greatest gift of all today was that I saw and felt that I belonged here.  As my community came around me, showering me with cakes, flowers, gifts, and notes, God above all else was reminding me that He loves me and has my good in mind. How precious to have a God who I am willing to sacrifice to Him those things most dear to my heart like my family and friends, and yet He comes and wraps me up in a warm and loving community. My God is so very good to me!


My beautiful students and co-workers!

My beautiful students and co-workers!

Just a special note so you can see how cute my kiddos are!

Today my students made a book for me about why the love me… Some of the responses are as follows.

I love Miss Howlett because she shares with me.

I love Miss Howlett because she plays with me.

I love Miss Howlett because I love her a lot.

I love Miss Howlett because she loved me first.

I love Miss Howlett because she is my favorite teacher ever.

How awesome to know I am loved but that my kids appreciate what I am doing. It’s taken me a long time to open my heart to this new class but oh man when I did, they came in and stole it big time. They are so precious to me and I am thankful that God called me to love them!


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    Derek Sutton

    Although I have never met you, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for following God’s call on your life and making a difference!