A 6 Year Old Missionary

When I was four years old I thought about the people on the other side of the world, saying to myself, “They need to hear about Jesus.” I knew that God was calling me to be a missionary even at the age of four.

Some of my men!
Some of my men!

Today I sat in my parent teacher conference here in Quito, Ecuador and listened to a story about my student, my 6 year old student being a  missionary to his mom. This little guy didn’t have to go across the world, he just has to go from the breakfast table.


Today in my parent teacher conference, my student’s mom asked about something he wrote. He wrote, “I want to give my heart to Jesus.” The mom seemed a little confused by what this meant. I explained to her that this meant her son wants to live for Jesus. I explained that it’s about having a personal relationship with Jesus. The mom then preceded to tell me that every morning her son makes her read the Bible with him. All her life she grew up Catholic but now her son was teaching her about the stories of Jesus and the lessons he has been learning in class. She explained to me that it is different from what she’s always known! She even said he had his own church he likes to go to.

My sweet little missionary!
My sweet little missionary!

This is why I teach at Alliance Academy. I teach so that my students can know God’s truth and take it home and teach their parents. I see what Jesus meant by child like faith, this little boy rushes through breakfast because he wants to read the Bible. He even calls his grandma so she has to listen to the stories as well. The Bible is alive to him! This little boy’s dad is out of the picture but how sweet it is that in his longing and craving he is calling out to Jesus!






  • Please pray as I continue to encourage this little boy in his walk with Jesus!

  • Please pray for this mother to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

  • Please pray that God would continue to work in my students and their families!

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