A New Chapter 8


A new chapter in a book is always an amazing place to be. It’s a perfect place to stop andput a bookmark in and take a little break. And at the same time, it’s full of suspense and you cannot wait to continue reading because the story isn’t finished.

November 12 was a new chapter for me; I was accepted to be a missionary with Inca Link. I am now in the process of preparing myself to move to Trujillo, Peru. So many things go through my mind: excitement, fear, joy, sorrow, anticipation, and the list goes on.

This new chapter is going to be the best one yet! Every chapter in my life has always been better than the previous one. Each time God works in more powerful ways and speaks more clearly into my life. The last chapter was pretty incredible, I don’t know how it’s going to be better, but it always is. He always DOES.

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8 thoughts on “A New Chapter

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    Yes!! I can totally relate to how you feel ! and i’m so excited to see someone else living the dreams God has called them to! bendiciones amigo! 😀

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    Julie Volstad

    So excited for you, Brent. It was such a joy to meet you at the Inca Link Retreat. I enjoyed getting to know you a little, sharing some awesome Jesus Culture music and hear about your dreams and goals. I will look forward to reconnecting at the next IL retreat!

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    bob frederick

    i am truly amazed to see how God in His plan for you has taken you around the world. your trust, courage and faithfulness are an inspiration and blessing to me. as this chapter unfolds and new opportunities arise , may your life continue to impact others for the kingdom PTL!

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    Guy Garrett

    Your contagous love for Jesus will be a witness to laa those you meet. You will be a great addition to Inca Link! How exciting for you!

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    Elizabeth Sullivan

    Dear Brent:

    You can count on me for advise with the language and culture anytime.
    I am very proud of you!
    Regarding your fears, I have them too, cleave to the words of Jeremiah: 33:3, and Joshua: 1:9.
    God will be with you wherever you go : Elizabeth and Gary Jr.