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Never Say Never, God Had a Different Plan

Nestled in the mountains of Bogotá there is a community that was impossible to visit 2 years ago. The gangs and the violence among the population made it impossible for even a police presence. Many were afraid of this community, and that fear overrode any sense of compassion; except for Lucy Lancheros. When Lucy was […]

Montañita Verde

“J” is an 18-year-old girl who has been rejected by her parents because of her psychological problems. She was abandoned on the street where no one would care for her. Just when she thought no one wanted her, she was welcomed into Montañita Verde (Little Green Mountain), a small children’s home/orphanage on the outskirts of a […]

The Amazing Race—Perú 3

Day 5 (05/26/2014) – Trujillo This morning, the interns were given a little bit of extra time to sleep in. Breakfast was not served until 9 a.m. However, the interns needed to leave right after breakfast to begin the first part of the race. On this day, the race took place at Maná, the day […]

The Amazing Race — Perú 2

Day 4 (05/25/2014)- Trujillo After a long night of traveling, we made it to Trujillo at 8 a.m. After making sure all of our luggage arrived with us, we were taken to the Inca Link Trujillo bus. Though there seemed to be plenty of space in the bus, all of the luggage took up one […]

The Amazing Race—Perú

Day 3 (5/24/2014)- Lima After traveling all day and visiting the water park the day before, the interns were allowed to sleep in the next morning. Our hosts were told to take us to the park by 11 a.m., which in this culture meant everyone made it there by noon. Since we were only staying […]

The Amazing Race — Colombia

Day 1 (5/21/2014) – Bogotá This morning, the interns woke up ready to face the challenges of the day. As we all ate breakfast, Rich and Elisa explained the kind of outfits that would be a good idea to wear without giving away too much. They emphasized that all interns should carry their water bottles […]

The Interns Arrived!

Though they traveled from different parts of North America, all of the new Inca Link interns agreed on one thing: May 20 was a LONG day. The first interns began arriving at 12:50 p.m. and just kept coming in until past midnight! You may be thinking that that isn’t too bad, but the Inca Link […]

Lara Larsson Intern Summer 2013

As an intern with Inca Link during the summer of 2013, I spent several weeks in Quito and Portoviejo where I served in ministries spanning from College age ministries, garbage dump ministries, and homes for abandoned elderly. I was blessed and challenged with spending the majority of my summer as a solo intern, so my […]