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Soccer: It’s how we share Christ

Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta (CDCA) exists to reach the highest levels of Ecuadorian sports while we share Christ with those in our sphere on influence. As a club, we have begun to do both. Every player who participates with CDCA has heard a clear presentation of the Gospel this season. We don’t just stop at […]

Soccer coffee

For being a soccer coach I spend an awful amount of time at coffee shops. Of course I spend tons of time on the field too, but more and more I find myself sipping coffee. Soccer opens up the door, coffee deepens the relationship.     As I sit across the table from one of […]

Film night 1

Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta is about discipleship. It’s about getting to know our players, investing in their lives, and through that discipling them to take further steps with Christ. We also want to be really good on the athletic field. So we get together after a game. Our players come over to our house; we […]

Connecting with San Francisco de Pinsha

A group from Georgetown College arrived last week to help deepen Cumbre Alta’s connections to the local community. San Francisco is the community that we have partnered with, who will allow us to use their field in exchange for helping them maintain and improve the field along with providing additional people resources to the community. […]

The dream 2

I dream of a day in the not so distant future. The sun is shining. The grass has just been cut. Cumbre Alta has a field of its own. Not just a field, but a stadium. Seats 20,000 people. The stadium is full. We’ve made our way through the 5 levels of Ecuadorian soccer and […]

Tournament Time

Cumbre Alta is going to be allowed to play the lowest level of Ecuadorian soccer. This is a massive step for the club. Though it is the lowest possible rung of the Ecuadorian soccer ladder… you can’t start anywhere else. Until now we had not been able to participate in the Ecuadorian Futbol Federation’s tournaments. […]

Women’s soccer

There are so few women soccer coaches in Ecuador. Women’s sports in general have not been fully developed here. The truth is there are few opportunities for women in sports in general in Ecuador. Cumbre Alta means to change this.   Last year we worked with a team that was playing at the highest level […]

The year ahead

2013 was a great year for Cumbre Alta. It was a learning year and I learned a lot.  I learned a lot of things I need to be doing as a coach. I learned a lot of things that should never be repeated. Being part of the coaching staff for a third tier team and […]