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first months of 2016

Summer is over and the kids are back in school! Here are a few highlights from the past months: – We had Art and English workshops this summer with the children and teens. It was amazing to see their creativity blossom as they painted and colored. – As you know, we have electricity, so we started watching […]

Fruitcake and hot chocolate 2

The Christmas celebration was as an incredible time. We started with a dentist who came out to talk about dental care and then kids had the chance to learn how to brush their teeth correctly and also had a florid treatment. The kids enjoyed the show with singing, dancing, and games. The teens performed a skit and the adult […]

Fall ’15

It was assumed that after the summer months, things would slow down, but God always has a way of surprising us! In September an intern, Meredith, came down to paint a mural. She painted a wonderful description of Elim and the vision we have. Exodus 15:27 came alive in a much more creative way than […]

Summer happenings

The summer has come and gone and we have said our goodbyes to the teams and interns. Each group brought something special with them this summer and the memories and experiences we had will last a lifetime. A prayer request has recently been answered after many years of praying…and walking. The Lord blessed us with […]

May & June ’15

May and June seem like a long time ago, but here are a few things that God has been doing: Moses, in the yellow shirt, is the first husband we have coming out to the program, so now the whole family is coming out. Also, we had a men’s retreat and he came forward and […]

April update

April was full of exciting events and lasting memories.    To have a special time with the teens for Easter, we went to my mother-in-laws house to eat lunch and watch a movie. The next day we arranged clothing donations by sizes and the next day, we handed it all out. Almost everyone walked away with 2 bags of things! […]

March ’15 update

This month been the start of a few new things and it has been great to see how God is naturally making them grow. With the teens, we had  them come over to our house and we watched “God’s Not Dead.” It was encouraging to hear how they learned from it and applied things to […]

February is a short month

This month went quickly and praise the Lord for all that He has done! I have continued teaching English classes and it is amazing how quickly the students are learning. They will be starting school soon and we are hoping that we can continue to have these classes. Since I am now teaching the teens every […]

January has come and gone

Many great things have happened this months, which we are thankful for. Thanks for your consistent prayers, they made the things great and also work much smoother.  The most exciting thing that has been happening is: we are petitioning the local government for a piece of land to build another Elim. It has been a […]

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

December is usually know for Christmas, parties, and snow, but in Peru it is actually almost summer and the school year finally ends. To celebrate the holidays, we had a Christmas party at Elim, which is know as a chocolatada. We had a medical campaign in the morning for everyone, which included a physical and […]