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It’s cool to go to school 4

If you’ve been around Inca Link long enough, you know we love to ask the famous question “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you like to see happen in your community?”  Of course anyone has the liberty to ask this question, but not everyone takes advantage of it.  It’s been a privilege to see how […]

Life is Noisy

When did life get so noisy?  As a child, I do not remember ever having to take time to “be still,” or “sit with my thoughts,” or “process things.” I know I did all of these, but I didn’t have to schedule it into my daily activities.  Life just happened.  Life was simple. I was […]

impact 2

“At least 26 shot and killed, 20 of which are children,” is the headline on ABC news right now. President Obama wipes away his tears as he gives the nation a report of the deadliest day in elementary school history, which occurred today in Newtown, Connecticut. My roommate, a middle school teacher, texting in complete […]