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Life is Noisy

When did life get so noisy?  As a child, I do not remember ever having to take time to “be still,” or “sit with my thoughts,” or “process things.” I know I did all of these, but I didn’t have to schedule it into my daily activities.  Life just happened.  Life was simple. I was […]

impact 2

“At least 26 shot and killed, 20 of which are children,” is the headline on ABC news right now. President Obama wipes away his tears as he gives the nation a report of the deadliest day in elementary school history, which occurred today in Newtown, Connecticut. My roommate, a middle school teacher, texting in complete […]

Why You Should Read the Nerd’s Blog 5

Every good organization needs a nerd, right?  I’m definitely Inca Link’s nerd.  I am the Director of Finance and Administration (read job description) which excites me but can sound super boring to some.  It’s my job to build and manage effective and streamlined administrative/financial systems.  You may be thinking, “Why in the world am I going to […]