When It Rains. . . It floods!

What did they pick from the prize box? Silly glasses!
What did they pick from the prize box? Silly glasses!

When it rains…. It floods… Well at least here in Ecuador, in my life.

Today I said I hated Ecuador… I’m a missionary; I’m not suppose to say those things. I’m suppose to love where I live and what I do… but after three days of ice cold showers and being late to work because I couldn’t catch a taxi, Ecuador was not on my good list. It’s the moments when life gets hard that the joy of being a missionary tends to run thin. Those moments when you see your students loving Jesus and loving each other, those moments are the ones that make being a missionary fun and great… But today was just not a fun day. Isn’t life like that though? Tonight I told a friend that I’m aloud to have a bad day and have a bad attitude but now that I think about it… I’m not allowed to be truly grumpy.


I got frustrated because my devotional today talked about “the goodness of God” and there I was with two empty gas tanks meaning no hot water and no gas for my stove… How is God good to me in that? Is an ice cold shower ever good? Nope! Yet there I was upset about not having hot water or food to eat because I couldn’t use my stove and then it started to rain… Then it began to pour… And then it hailed… What the hail right? Could the day get any worse? Where is the goodness of God in that?

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These are the questions my kiddos were asking today!
These are the questions my kiddos were asking today!

Well all the rooms in my department had some sort of water from the storm whether it was puddles from foot traffic or bathroom flooding but my room was dry. So I sat around and pouted about God not being good to me but really maybe I was just expecting goodness to be in the form of blue gas tanks when really it was in the form of a dry classroom. Today during Bible time I decided to switch things up and ask my students what they wanted to learn about God. It was so very cool to see God working in their little hearts. So there I was discouraged all day when God’s goodness was staring me straight in the face through the eyes of desperate and excited children longing to know Jesus. These kids are confused and seeking… how good it is to see little souls longing for their creator… yet I’m worried about cold showers. God knows how to put things into perspective huh? He is good. He does love. He might not love in the ways we understand or long for but his goodness is like that. It is far greater than all we know. His goodness is perfect. It heals and best of all it redeems and surrounds us with unconditional love. How spectacular is that.

I don’t hate Ecuador at all… It was just a hard day but mainly because I put parameters around God’s goodness. God was good when He called me here. This plan of living here in Ecuador is good because I am in God’s will… What could be more good than that?

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