Soon to complete our 400th concert – Here we go Again

Just three more days until Corban goes on its tour through Central America!  As I reflect on our

Corban to serve Central and North America this summer
Corban to serve Central and North America this summer

12 years of ministry as a band, almost 400 presentations in 18 different countries, I have to smile.  We have heard it all!  Here is an excerpt: 

Helping to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America
Singing for 1900 youth leaders in Ecuador

     We didn’t think you’d be any good, we thought you’d wear ponchos, you need to do faster songs, slower songs, more rock, less rock, more in Spanish, more in English, you need to move more, you need to move less, you should have more in the band, you should have less in the band, your songs should be more evangelical, your songs should be less evangelical, you should travel more, you should travel less, you should use the bus, you should use a plane, you should be paid, you shouldn’t accept offerings, you shouldn’t travel with your kids, you should go to more churches, you should go to less churches….

     I’m guessing you get the picture.  What is amazing about Corban is that through all the adventures, the changes, the trails, the celebrations, the endless opinions, the bottom line has always been, and will always be:  we want God to use us connecting hearts with His heart.  Whatever that looks like.  We have been before 10 people and 10,000 people, rich and poor, young and old, North Americans and South Americans.  

     Thank you Jose Perez, Percy Figueredo, Daniel Ascencio, Daniel Alcantara for sacrificing time, money, health, and humbly obeying God yet again for this tour.  We are so proud to minister with you and are excited for what God will do in us and through us this next month!  A Dios sea toda la Gloria!

     We ask that you would all pray for us as we travel through Central America and then go on to LIFE (whoohoo) in St Louis, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio and Beulah Beach.

Corban Schedule in the U.S.
Corban Schedule in the U.S.



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