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Kayla StevensKayla was born and raised in Burnsville, MN. She attended North Park University in Chicago where she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Spanish in 2012. After graduation, with plans to attend graduate school for School Counseling, she spent 4 months serving as an intern for Inca Link in both Ecuador and Peru. During this time she was captivated by the work God was doing through Inca Link as an intentionally focused community. She returned home and felt increasingly called to serve alongside this team, specifically passionate about playing a role of support and encouragement within the team and interns. After months of prayer, God’s grace presented her with the unthinkable opportunity to join Inca Link as the Relations Builder and Intern Coordinator. She feels abundantly blessed and incredibly excited to be part of God’s work through the community of the Inca Link and all its supporters.




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